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  • iPhone X/XS POWER CASE

    Plug the data cable in the charging dock of the battery and connect to an USB adapter or computer.

    Before installing and using the product, please read the instructions thoroughly, and retain them for future reference.



    • Capacity: 3200 mAh
    • Output Voltage: 5V
    • Output Current: 1A
    • Input Voltage: 5V
    • Input Current: 1A
    • Weight: 202g
    • Charging Time : 2-3h
    • Dimension: 147.5 x 74 x 15.2 mm


    How to Use

    • Take off the top cover of the battery case and slide your mobile phone into it. Make sure your mobile is well connected to the 8pin dock on the battery case.
    • Press the ON/OFF switch to activate or stop the charging. See the mobile phone screen to identify the charging signal.

      • External Battery
      • Convenient, High capacity
      • Power to charge anywhere
      • Provides 100% extra power
      • 4 LED power indicators 
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